Consulting & Project Management

Consulting and Spec Development

Specification Development

Helix’s staff of engineers and experienced managers can conduct the research and manage the process of specification development. Many customers do not have expertise to create the documentation that would be required to get bids on projects including safety, civil construction, switchgear and power, or machine build. Allow our staff to prepare the documentation required so that you can get quick, accurate and competitive bids on the work you need done. Helix can provide:

  • Machine specifications including runoff criteria
  • Civil specifications on concrete design or steel structure
  • System concept drawings
  • Controls equipment specification
  • Conversion of drawing format

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Process Analysis

The old adage says “you can’t see the forest for the trees”, meaning you get so caught up in the details that you cannot see the big picture. From experience we have found that companies and personnel looking at the same systems year after year are spending all their energies in maintaining and fixing the everyday issues, completely missing obvious long term improvements that could be made to the process.

Helix has an experienced staff of engineers with expertise in a wide variety of areas including assembly systems, paint systems, robot cells, web processing, slurry process and much more. We provide skilled engineers to obverse and evaluate your processes, looking for areas of improvement. Recent examples included a project to take warmed air from a paint process, that had initial been vented, and recirculate it to the pre-paint process to make the process more efficient. Other examples including the combining of work stations to reduce manpower requirements through automation. Drawing on the diversity of our experiences, Helix can bring solutions from other industries and apply them to your plant.

Energy Reduction

Competition within industry, both domestically and internationally, is driving the need to make our processes and plants as efficient as possible. One area of cost reduction is energy usage.

Helix is an expert in Paint and Oven Energy Reduction initiatives. Improvements include the evaluation of the process to reuse existing air systems, improve paint processing or modify damper systems. Recent projects included adding variable frequency drives on a system to reduce energy usage by 25%.

LED and improved ballast systems can reduce lighting energy usage by more than 40%. Innovations in flourescent lighting have introduced the T5 form factor tube, generating equal light with only 70% the energy.

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