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Panel Building

Panel Design and Fabrication Overview

Panel Design

Adhering to standards for fabrication, labeling and layout, developed over years as a provider to the steel and automotive industries, Helix has developed a panel fabrication facility that produces high quality panels at competitive prices. With UL508 certification and in-house engineering, all panels are completely tested for continuity and functionality. Any issues that might arise are quickly remedied by engineering without the delay which normally results from a panel fabrication facility without on site engineering. The result is a well-engineered, fully tested, professionally labeled, on-time, engineered panel.

Certifications: UL-508A

Facility Size: Over 2500 SQ Ft

Engineering Location: In–House

Clear Height: 40 foot

Lifting Capability: 4 ton

Labeling and Mounting

Labeling and Mounting Labeling and Mounting Labeling and Mounting

Engineered with maintenance in mind, a panel from Helix is labeled to assure that markings will be clear for years to come. All wires labels are engraved, then inked, then sleeved with the appropriate sized wire tube to assure a cleanly and permanently marked wire.

Engineered panel mounting systems provide easy access to panel wiring and clean mounting.


Panel Layout Using Lutze Undergoing Complete System Test Panels in Process