Equipment & Processes

Design & Build

Structural Steel

Structural Steel Structural Steel Structural Steel


How do you get more floor space when production demands more equipment or an increase in through put? Well the answer for some companies is to use their existing building and install a second floor using a suspended mezzanine. Helix has the capabilities and experience to engineer, fabricate and install mezzanines.

Tank and Structural Support

Site projects often involve the addition of tanks, racks, fixtures and other large assemblies. Helix can design, fabricate and install these custom structures on your site. Allow one of our crews of qualified mechanical engineers and ironworkers to provide a quote.

Conveyors and Material Handling

Conveyors and Material Handling Conveyors and Material Handling

Helix designs and assembles conveyor systems for a variety of industries and purposes.


Helix has a complete stable of designs for rotary, lift and roller conveyor to support the automotive industry. Designed to work with existing conveyor systems from Durr and Eisenmann, Helix provides the skills not only to integrate your conveyors mechanically but also complete the electric installation and automation support.

Belt Conveyor

With industry experience in the transport of bulk materials including rock, woodchips and cement, Helix can provide conveyor design and manufacture for belt conveyors for a variety of industries. In addition to the design and assembly, Helix also maintains a complete staff of engineers, electricians and ironworkers who can complete the job.

Power and Free

Whether your product is in boxes, on skids or hangers, Helix has a solution. Contact Rick McGuffie for a quote today.

Booth & Ventilation

Booth Ventilation

With over 50 years of experience in the design and support of ovens and booths (both spray and paint), Helix continues to improve the designs currently on the market to improve performance and efficiency.

As a licensed HVAC contractor, Helix has provided designed and installed ventilation solutions in most of the major automotive suppliers in AL, TN and MS.

For more details on our project and capabilities, contact Jeff Welkenback.

Custom Tooling and Machines

Custom Tooling

The skills of the majority of our engineers have been honed in the industrial environments of automotive, metals and mining, steel and process controls. The same high level of quality and commitment required in these industries is applied to every project we undertake. Using the unique skills of our engineers Helix designs, modifies, installs and commissions customer tooling and machines. Recent project included:

Modification of assembly machines to process new model year: This required mechanical modifications of the existing equipment, additional processor and associated IO, valves and sensors.

Design and Fabrication of Assembly Fixtures: Through process evaluation, Helix was able to identify simple process improvements that could be implemented with fixture changes. Helix designed and fabricated these fixtures.